Canadian Real Estate Prices Expected to Rise 9.2% in 2022

Friday Jan 21st, 2022


                                      Happy 2022 or is it 2020 two? Once again we start the year with an abundant amount of buyers, mixing with scarce listings driving prices sky high. Deja Vu? Interest rates appear to be on the upward trend in the future as the economy continues to perform well and inflation continues to remain above the... [read more]

2020 Housing Market Report

Thursday Nov 28th, 2019


MARKET OUTLOOK 2020     ONTARIO Toronto is set to experience a strong housing market in 2020. Lower unemployment rates, economic growth and improved overall affordability in the Greater Toronto Area are expected to drive the market forward. The estimated average sale price increase for 2020 is six percent, two points higher than the growth experienced between 2018 ($736,256) and 2019 ($766,236). The city saw 76,413 properties sold in 2019, up 12 percent from 2018... [read more]


Saturday Apr 14th, 2018


  The Spring Market Trends survey conducted by Leger found more than one in four Canadian homebuyers report feeling pinched by the stress test, which came into effect in January of this year. However, projections for the spring market show optimism with most markets expected to remain stable or improve. Despite all of the factors involved, the spring market across most of the country is forecasted to strengthen as we head into the warmer months. Supply is still low in many markets,... [read more]

New Grandparent's Guide

Wednesday Apr 26th, 2017


Seven Easy Steps to Handling Your New Role   1. Set the Stage for Peaceful Relationships Right from the get-go, many expecting parents experience tension or a feeling of being torn between two – or even three or four – sets of grandparents forcefully asserting their wishes. It's a recipe for stress that soon-to-be moms and dads definitely don't need. As much as you can, stay positive, be flexible, and go with the flow. Focus on supporting the expecting... [read more]

The Future Looks Bright! Greater Toronto 2016 Housing Market Outlook

Tuesday Apr 25th, 2017


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT For more information on this or on the real estate market in Beaches, Riverdale, Leslieville, Danforth Village or any of the Greater Toronto Neighborhoods, please contact us Wafa Masri or Jalila Freve (416) 699-9292 or, to answer any of your questions or for a complimentary home evaluation. [read more]