5 Easy Ideas to Update Your Outdoor Space

Saturday Apr 20th, 2024


Spring  & summer are excellent  for spending more time outdoors.  And if your home has a wonderful outdoor space, that’s even better.

A patio or yard presents so much opportunity: You can play with your kids or pets, invite the neighbors over for a cookout, or simply relax and enjoy the weather.

Before you do all of that, though, you should think about updating your outdoor space. Need help getting ready? Here are some ideas:

Install string lights. Give your deck or patio some ambiance while also adding functionality. You can hang out and chat with neighbors long after the sun goes down, and string lights look great during the daytime, too.

Refinish your deck. If you’ve had your wooden deck for a while, it may look pretty worn down, especially if you live somewhere with harsh weather. Refinishing it and adding a new coat of stain is a good way to give it a face lift.

Add elements of an outdoor kitchen. Full-on outdoor kitchens are trendy, but they can be expensive to install. For a more affordable option, consider adding a few small elements, like a high-end grill or a small pizza oven. These are great to have if you like to entertain.

Invest in some yard games. Having a boce or ladder ball set can keep kids and adults busy in the yard. You could also build a small horseshoe throwing pit or a mini putting green for more fun options.

Upgrade your seating. Outdoor furniture that’s been in the elements for a while is likely in rough shape. You could get new furniture — maybe a multifunctional sectional or an outdoor dining set.

If you’d like to find a new home with more outdoor space, reach out today so we can get started.

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