Winter Survival Guide

Wednesday Apr 26th, 2017


Winter is in full force. 

There's nothing we can do about the weather, but here are some things you can do to make the cold winter months more bearable.


Learn how to wrap layers

Start with a tank top, a long sleeve thermal, a t-shirt, a flano (flannelette), a hoodie, a neck warmer & toque, then pull the hood over the toque,
 wrap a scarf around the hood & toque covering your mouth so only the eyes are showing. Then add the jacket. Pull the jacket hood over the neck warmer, toque, hoodie, hood & scarf. Zip up jacket. Put on gloves. Now you are locked in


Stay active

Winter in Canada offers a playground of endless activities to keep you from going stir crazy. So don’t just stay indoors for 6 months. Besides the obvious snowboarding and skiing, try winter activities like snowshoeing, ice fishing, tobogganing, tubing, curling or ice skating.


Be careful on black ice (or any ice for that matter)

A lot of injuries happen during extreme winter sports like snowboarding, but you need to be careful just walking back from the shops on sections of sidewalk that might be 6 inches of ice. Watch your step!


Have lots of friends and hug them all the time

Sharing body temperatures is a great way to stay warm and a good excuse to get to know someone better.



Soup is good during the long winter in Canada. Make lots of it and share it with your friends.


Try Canada’s famous Fireball whiskey!

If you haven’t yet tried this local cinnamon whiskey, a few sips from a concealed hit flask and you’ll get a warm buzz building in your chest. 
A staple item for any Canadian winter survival kit.




Watch as many hockey games as you could possibly fit in, once you get addicted you’ll never want winter to end.

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