Six Smart Moving Tips

Wednesday May 05th, 2021


Declutter & donate. Now that you’re sorting through all your things, it’s a perfect time to see what can be donated or chucked altogether! Make an effort to pare down your possessions so your move will be a little easier and your new home will be a bit less cluttered.

Book a Mover. Book your packers, movers and moving trucks early on. This will ensure you get the dates you need (as well as the best rates). 


Pack an overnight bag. Most people don’t think to do this and end up rummaging through several boxes on moving day to get their pajamas or the coffee maker. Pack yourself a “first night” box with all your toiletries, some clothes, and anything you’ll need the following morning such as dishes and silverware or your hairdryer. Include snacks, water and anything else you might need.


Get Creative. You don’t necessarily need packing peanuts or costly bubble wrap to keep your items safe. Consider using hand towels, dishcloths, blankets, socks and other soft belongings instead. Use wine cases for glass wear, plastic wrap your dresser drawers, so there is no risk of them sliding open.


Label boxes. Pack items by room and label each group of boxes, use colour coding to make the boxes easy to spot when loading, unloading and unpacking. 


Plan for pets & Children. Little ones and pets could get in the way on the big moving day. Move pets and small children last, once everything is settled. Have a loved one watch them while you move.


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