Nine Things To Do Once, Maybe Twice, When You're Over 50!

Wednesday Apr 26th, 2017



You know all those little things you told yourself you couldn’t do when you were younger!

1. Learn to speak a foreign language, at least a little.

2. Fall in love with a younger man or an older woman.                                

3. Learn to sing a new song and perform it in front of someone.

4. Write a play or a novel. Write letters to all your loved ones

5. Get in better shape than you were at 30.

6. Tell the truth, every day. If nothing else, it will catch people off guard.

7. Commit to memory this phrase “I’d love to, but I can’t” Do not elaborate.

8. Purge: Sell or give away any items in your home you have never used once! Do it before your family learns the definition of the word “hoarder”    

9. Travel out of your comfort zone (Shanghai, anyone?)

Go ahead and try what are you waiting for??

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