Best Summer Camps in Toronto

Tuesday Apr 25th, 2017


As the school year comes to an end you may think, “Why should I send my kid to camp?”, but then you realize why it can change your child’s life. Camp is where your kids can build relationships with others, build team working skills, learn things that you should know in the adult world, but in a kid-friendly environment. Not all camps are the same, but that’s what makes each individual camp unique. The following are 5 quite popular camps in the GTA.

The Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre provides specialized summer day camps, from ages 5-12. The camps focus on either engineering, biology or myth-busting (13-14). Engineering and biology camps test the campers’ knowledge, encouraging the building of teamwork skills and critical thinking. The myth-busting camp gives campers the opportunity to choose a myth, perform experiments, and even design a display prototype to present their findings.




The Harbourfront Centre offers many different types of camps including arts camps, specialty camps, sports camps, exploratory camps, marine camps, overnight camps, and even camps in French for all age groups. Harborfront Camps offer meal plans, which are prepared fresh in a peanut/nut free facility.




The Y offers various types of day camps, including arts camps, aquatic camps, leadership development camps, sports camps, outdoor camps and science camps. These are available at different YMCA’s in Toronto. Each camper receives a certificate at the end of the week, showing what activities the camper had participated in.



P.I.N.E. Project

The P.I.N.E. Project gives both children and adults the chance to explore nature in the heart of the city. Many of the camps are outdoor camps, giving campers the chance to truly experience nature. In some camps, campers are given the opportunity to explore the lakefront, valley, wetland, and other ecosystems throughout Toronto.


The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo offers various day and overnight camps for families and children. In the Serengeti Bush overnight camp, campers encounter the wildlife of the Zoo’s African Savannah and Rainforest Pavilion in authentic African tents. Day camps give children a chance to learn about hundreds of animals, including polar bears and penguins, and to meet zookeepers and go behind the scenes to meet animals.


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