The Spring Market Starts Now

Benefits of Selling in the Spring!

Tuesday Apr 16th, 2019




Just as the warm weather start to blanket our Toronto communities, home buyers and sellers gear up for the busiest real estate season of the year.

But what are the benefits of listing your home in the spring?




Getting settled in time for summer

After a long and cold winter, buyers are motivated to find the right home for them so they can be settled in for the warmer months.

Many people don’t want to move in the winter. It’s easier and safer to move in the spring with warmer weather.

Many sellers feel their yard and neighborohood are more inviting in the Spring

Spring fever

There’s something invigorating about the spring season that motivates people to take action.

In spring, everything is fresh and new. People are happy to see the sunshine and the flowers, and they’re encouraged to make buying and selling decisions

 We see more buyers in the spring than at any other time, and it is the most active market. So a seller is most likely able to sell if they have priced their home correctly.

Early bird gets the worm

Wafa & Jalila say it’s wise to list as early as possible in the spring to get ahead of your competition.

The best possible timing is listing when there are less properties on the market, but plenty of motivated buyers searching. If you wait until late spring, your home may be up against a significant amount of competition.

School’s out for summer

For many families, the ideal time to move is the summer; therefore, in order to make that happen, they begin looking for a property in the spring.

The majority of homes are family homes, and families with kids are the largest demographic in real estate. Since this group normally targets the school break of July and August as a desirable time to move, this is when there is tremendous activity in the Spring


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