4 Tips When Doing Your Final Walk Through

Saturday Mar 11th, 2023



Buying a home in today’s market can come with an overwhelming sense of pressure. Low inventory is leading to taking unusual steps, like waiving the home inspection . But there is one essential step you should complete before closing: the final walk through. No matter what you bought,  you should never skip this critical piece of the puzzle.

You’re almost at the finish line, when the keys will officially be yours. Simply follow these final walk-through tips to unlock the door to a bright future in your new home.

  1. Were the requested repairs completed? If you asked the seller to make certain repairs after the inspection, you’ll want to make sure those were done properly. If they weren’t, we might want to delay the closing or ask for credits from the sellers to make up for it.
  2. Do the electric, HVAC and plumbing systems work properly? Turn on all the lights, flush the toilets, run each faucet, and adjust the thermostat. You’ll want to be sure all systems are working before finalizing your purchase.
  3. Has anything been left in the home? The home should be clean and clear of all the previous owner’s belongings (except for items included in the sale). Anything left behind will need to be removed before you move into the property.
  4. Are the fixtures in the house all functioning? Check all the fixtures and appliances that were agreed upon, too. If you negotiated with the seller to leave their TV mounts or washer and dryer, are they there? Are they working? We can double-check your sales contract if you’re unsure what should be included.

You should also snap photos during the final walk-through, particularly if you spot anything that wasn’t repaired or needs to be removed. We can use them to show the seller’s agent and lawyers to best address things.

Please get in touch today if you have questions about home buying or any other real estate needs.

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