8 Things On My To Do List This Summer - What's on Your List???

Wednesday Apr 26th, 2017


We decided that this year before time got away from us we would put together a Summer To Do List that includes great activities & well-earned downtime! What's on your list??


1. Get out from behind the TV,  it’s a long winter and we can catch up on everything when it’s cold and miserable outside!

 2. Remind ourselves that weekends are for playing, not for doing chores. Our summer resolution: Do laundry in the evenings after 7 because it’s cheaper and not on the weekends. 


3. Spend an evening with time honoured friends that we have been wanting to share time with all year. Hang out in the garden while having dinner, drinks and catching up with each other!


4. Play as many rounds of golf as possible. Is there such a thing as playing too much golf?

5. Set our alarms to “Beer o’clock.” We give ourselves permission to drop everything at “Beer o’clock” and have a cocktail outside and admire the beauty of the park across the street from our house!

6. Attend the Beaches Annual Jazz Fest on Queen Street in the Beach/Beaches!



7. Head North to beautiful historic Collingwood for their annual Elvis Festival!



8. Enjoy a captivating day of sightseeing on a double decker bus experiencing  the sights, sounds, and history of my amazing multi-cultural city, Toronto! 


Share your summer to do list with us! 

We hope you enjoy our Blog!


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