4 Reasons You Should Call Your Realtor Now if You Are Planning to Sell

Friday Mar 26th, 2021


4 Reasons You Should Call Your Realtor Now if You Are Planning to Sell

Even if you aren’t planning to actually make the move for another six months or even longer, make the call to your Realtor soon!

Maintenance & Home Improvements

Contact an agent before doing any improvements to sell your home. As your neighborhood Realtors we know your market and can advise you on what minor repairs or updates will have a positive impact on your specific home; what is and isn’t recommended may surprise you. We can also make recommendations to add value to your property in the current market. This can even include simple decor choices. Focus on de-cluttering and deep cleaning.  It will add value to your home. 

Getting A Professional Home Inspection

We recommend getting a home inspection and fixing any problems before you list the house, despite the out-of-pocket costs. As the seller, getting a home inspection ahead of time (before listing the property) can be a smart and proactive decision to get issues dealt with ahead of time before a potential buyer demands some repairs or backs out of the deal.  We can arrange & cover the cost of the home inspection for all our sellers.  

Sunny, Eye-Catching Photography

It is so much more visually appealing for your listing to have beautiful, bright, green, lush photos and/or videos.  The best time of year to get photos is during late spring/summer.  If at all possible you and your Realtor should plan ahead and have some photos taken of the exterior of your home when the lawn, trees, and gardens are in full bloom.

Hear the Facts

We can show you statistics for your area and you may see that it is advantageous to sell at a different time than you are planning for. Does it financially make sense to make the move? Do you have special requirements with limited property choices so it makes more sense to buy first if you can? If you sell your home today, you most likely will buy another. Then, all the economic factors that worked in your favor as a seller may work against you as a buyer.  But keep in mind that your we can help with that process too!

Stay in touch with us as you make progress on your plan. Keep in mind that we are available whenever you have a question or need some help. That is what we are here for!

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