Top 5 Travel Destinations - Do you Agree??

Tuesday Apr 25th, 2017


Which ones would you choose?

1. Colombia

Until recently Colombia was thought of as a no-go zone for tourists, but travellers are now realising what the locals have always known – Colombia is a gorgeous, friendly country with something for everyone.

2. Laos

With crowded cities, abusive street-hawkers and chaotic traffic, travel in Southeast Asia can be exhausting. In contrast, a visit to the tiny land-locked country of Laos allows weary travellers a chance to lay back and smell the frangipanis.

3. Turkey

Mixing ancient history and a rich Islamic culture with fabulous food and modern nightlife it’s no wonder Turkey’s capital, Istanbul, frequently tops ‘favourite cities’ lists.

4. Iceland

The bizarre and spectacular landscapes of Iceland have seen it included in many top travel lists for 2012. Away from the exciting capital of Reykjavik, you can find snow-capped mountains, majestic glaciers, lava fields and other natural wonders so fantastically weird they’ve inspired their own folklore. 2012 will also see increased activity in volcanoes and the northern lights.

5. London

London is one of those cities where you feel as if you’re at the centre of the universe.

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