7 Ways to Naturally Freshen Up Your Home For Selling

Tuesday Apr 25th, 2017



Prepping your house to put it up on the market can be a bit of a process, but putting in the time upfront to freshen it up can pay off in the end. When a potential buyer comes through the front door, you want their first breath to smell like home (and full-asking price).




Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the best way to freshen up your living area is to get rid of the dirt, right down to the dust particles. A clean microfibre cloth - with a drop or two of lemon essential oil - will remove that nasty film from furntiture, ceiling fans and door trim, and brighten up the room with a fresh citrus scent.




The day before a showing, avoid cooking any foods with strong odors such as onions, garlic, and bacon - they can linger in the air and make your house smell like a fast-food joint, not a family-friendly dwelling that deserves top dollar.




Go a step beyond skipping bacon for a couple of days (oh, the sacrifice!) and get baking. There's a reason REALTORS continue to use the old trick of popping in a batch of cookies to bake before a showing... it works. If measuring cups and chocolate chips aren't your thing, reach for an all-natural soy-wax vanilla-scented candle.




Tap into the power of nature's natural air purifiers, a.k.a. plants. Not only does a selection of prettily potted houseplants visually lift an empty corner, but it also cleans the air. Opt for a Boston fern, rubber plant, or a peace lily - they all pack a powerful purification punch.




When getting a house ready to sell, sometimes retouching the paint can't be avoided - chips from moving furniture and thumbtack holes from long discarded movie posters need to be fixed. Reach for a non-toxic paint that uses food-grade ingredients and is VOC free.




To make a fragrant DIY room srpay, make sure to add vodka to your weekend shopping list. Yes, you read that right. Soak citrus rinds in the alcohol overnight (or longer) and then fill a spray bottle half with water and half with the lemony cocktail. Spray liberally around the house - we promise it will smell like an orchard, not a dive bar.




Spotless windows let sunlight stream into a space and help show it off. Avoid eye-catching streaks with a homemade window spray using equal parts white vinegar and distilled water. For a tough-on-grime cleaner, mix two tablespoons of Borax into three cups of water, apply it to the mucky areas and then wipe clean.

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