Canadian Real Estate Prices Expected to Rise 9.2% in 2022

Friday Jan 21st, 2022


                                      Happy 2022 or is it 2020 two? Once again we start the year with an abundant amount of buyers, mixing with scarce listings driving prices sky high. Deja Vu? Interest rates appear to be on the upward trend in the future as the economy continues to perform well and inflation continues to remain above the... [read more]

Canadian Housing Market Outlook (Fall 2020)

Tuesday Aug 25th, 2020


                                                     Canadian housing market expected to remain active for the remainder of 2020 due to pent-up demand and low inventory levels, say RE/MAX brokers and agents Canadians showing more interest in suburban and rural homes for sale, as work and life dynamics shift  Canadian housing prices anticipated... [read more]

Top 5 Trends to Attract Luxury Buyers

Thursday May 10th, 2018


    As we get ready for Spring & Summer real estate market, now is a good time to look at the trends in luxury homes to help you capitalize on the resale value of your home.   1. New with Classic Accents Luxury homes are full of modern conveniences from the time you walk in the front door. But that doesn’t mean the overall look has to be new and modern. Locations rich in architectural history appeal to luxury buyers who are now looking for things... [read more]

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Construction Condo or Home

Wednesday Apr 26th, 2017


Buying a new construction home, whether a condo, townhouse or detached is a bit different then buying a resale. 10 Mistakes to watch when buying a new build in Toronto:  Mistake #1: They fall in love with the model home Most people fall in love with the model, but you have to realize that everything you see in that model home is often an upgrade.  Upgrades are a major portion of a builder’s 10% to 20% profit margin. Mistake #2: They trust the floor plan Condo... [read more]